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Your daily Paulism
Onboard Diagnostics II interface & Logger
Davolite: A lightweight 3W LED headlamp
LL Bean Wind'n'Go Flashlight - Disassembled
Modifying an EMCO Compact 5 CNC to control it via a PC running EMC on Linux
Modified JDM PIC programmer
DMF boost cicuit
How to etch PCBs at home
How to add an external D-Link antenna to a Linksys WRK54G router
Password recovery for 3Com LinkSwitch/SuperStack switches
Programs & scripts to download
Project Piedmont game
List of anime laserdiscs I own.
Stmental Ska Band-o-Rama (Currently not available to the public)
Check out some of my bookmarks
ME/NH/VT driving conditions

Documents & resources

HTML resources
AVR LibC user manual 1.6.5
Windows Command Line commands
Afterstep 1.8 FAQ
PostgreSQL 7.1.3 documentation
Solaris Disk Suite info
ICES manual
RapidIO Serial Spec
RapidIO Interconnect Spec 1.2
Courier IMAP server
gcc docs
Pine e-mail client
Mailbox to maildir perl script
qmail mail server (sendmail replacement)
Postfix mail server (sendmail replacement)
  • local Postfix docs (html)

  • sony_mzr900_manual.pdf
    Great source for info on everything about minidiscs

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